Your Home Healthcare Team

Your home healthcare team will be comprised of handpicked, highly trained medical professionals, dedicated to getting you well


There’s no place quite like home when you are recovering from an illness or injury.

Our team works to help you remain safely at home, living as independently as possible. Following the plan of care developed with you and your doctor, our experienced therapists, nurses and other team members bring compassionate care to you and your family.

However, as important as our team is to your recovery, the most important member of the team is you. Your commitment and your ability are going to make the difference. We will help empower you to manage your health with the education, tools and resources you need.

The members of your home healthcare team depend on your individual plan of care and needs. Not all services are needed for every patient.

Home Healthcare Services

Cavalier’s highly trained staff are dedicated to getting you well.


Cavalier Nurses are compassionate and kind. They will evaluate patients’ health and environment, educate patients and caregivers on disease processes and conditions to help them become more independent. We only hire trained and experienced nurses and the #1 goal of Cavalier nurses is to keep patients at home and out of the hospital.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy at home is most ideal for individuals who had an injury or surgery that may have diminished their self-care skills. Our therapist will provide them with close guidance and a treatment plan to help them regain their independence and self-care skills as quickly as possible.

Physical Therapy

Through Physical Therapy, you will be provided with a customized progressive recovery plan. The treatment will focus on your recuperation and enhancing your mobility. Patients receiving physical therapy may have a Joint Replacement, CHF, COPD, or general weakness that causes unsteadiness and risks of falls.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapist and Language Pathologists at Cavalier Healthcare Services assist patients with motor speech disorders, swallowing difficulty and loss of language ability. They provide in home assessments and interventions for conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, stroke, ALS, dementia, head injuries, COPD or CHF. Cavalier’s speech language pathologists are certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. specialize in helping individuals who have communication deficiencies.

Home Health Aide

Home Health Aides are the heart of home health, helping you with your daily activities until you are ready to be independent. Our Aides help with therapy-driven exercise, and personal care and grooming needs.  They also bring a positive, caring spirit to every visit

Medical Social Work

Medical social workers at Cavalier will provide your family with emotional support and administrative assistance concerning health issues you may be facing. These services may include Hospital Discharge Assistance, Nursing Home or Assisted Living Placement assistance, or helping to assist clients in sourcing funds for health services.

We offer specialized healthcare programs just for you?

Please select one of the condition areas below to learn more details about that specific condition.

Balance & Fall Prevention

Cardiopulmonary Disease

Parkinson’s and Neurological Disorders

Wound Healing and Lymphedema Treatment

Orthopaedic Rehab

Chronic Disease Management

Our Satisfied Customers


They were excellent and I liked that they promptly called my doctor with information they felt he should know and made suggestions to him concerning treatment. I most certainly would recommend them to others.

Cheryl S.
Home Care Patient

Your nurses and therapists that have been treating me are truly wonderful at what they do. I told my wife, Julie, at the end of the session that for the first time in years I was beginning to feel at home in my own body.

Jon W.

I would like to truly thank your team for helping my father even after all of his rehab was completed. We were having a lot of trouble with getting the equipment needed and navigating insurances, and having you all assist was helpful. I will definitely recommend Cavalier to others.

Judith M.
Patients Family