Receive a Doctors Order for Home Health? Unsure about what to expect? Let Cavalier Help!

Expectations For Home Healthcare

Your dedicated Cavalier Care Coordinator will work with you to customize your Plan of Care.  Wondering what that could look like?  We map it out below.

100% Covered

Medicare covers 100% of home healthcare services with no co-pays for eligible beneficiaries. A wide range of other insurances are also accepted.

Customized Plan of Care

We spend the extra time creating a customized plan. Your Home Care Team will work with you to build specific goals based on your needs and input.

Independence Improvement

Cavalier can help make your home safer by giving you the support you need. Let us help you better manage your healthcare while in your home.

Initial Steps In Home Healthcare

There are some initial steps we take at the beginning of your home healthcare program to ensure every possible solution to your specific home care needs.

In-Home Introduction

During your first visit, your nurse or therapist will conduct a head to toe assessment and explain all the details of your plan of care. You will also learn who will be a part of your home healthcare team and how often you will see each of your Cavalier professionals.


Collaborative Care is a key component to your recovery. Cavalier’s clinicians will work with your doctors, family and other caregivers to provide comprehensive care to help you get better sooner.

Setting Expectations

You’ll receive from Cavalier all the services your doctor has ordered. We’ll help you understand what to expect regarding your medical condition and recovery, teach you how to manage and monitor your condition, and support you through your recovery.

What are your healthcare needs?

Please select one of the health areas below to learn more details about that specific condition and how Cavalier can help.

Balance & Fall Prevention

Cardiopulmonary Disease

Parkinson’s and Neurological Disorders

Wound Healing and Lymphedema Treatment

Orthopaedic Rehab

Chronic Disease Management